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Call of the Amazon

Many of us feel that something is missing. That somehow, there’s a void within us, that no matter how much we try, nothing seems to fill. A new house? A new car? A new relationship? We cycle through things, but don’t find the answer. We seem to have so much and yet so little. We keep advancing; we keep furthering our knowledge, our understanding but not so much our wisdom, our sense of connection.

We are starting to wake up. To feel uncomfortable with our comfortability. Mother Nature is calling us to awaken, to return to our roots and find our way home. To go back into the forest where this ancient wisdom is still alive and the indigenous spirits still exist. The Amazon holds a mysterious key. The native shamans who maintained and kept this knowledge alive for thousands of years are opening up to our questioning hearts. With their plants, animals, and various medicines, they are gifting us a glimpse into the mystical, into the mysterious, into those realms we used to have known. They sing to our hearts, awaken our souls, dream our dreams awake and bring us back to Mother Earth.

The ancient prophecy is now coming alive. The condor and the eagle will once again fly side by side. The North and the South. The Americas have to unite for this dream to come true. A new synergy is awakening between our peoples. This ancient wisdom has not only to be kept but re-lived through our actions, our healing, and our awakening hearts.

This project, 'The Call of the Amazon' is an invitation. A wake-up call to remember, to embrace. To connect to the spirit of these people and allow it to live forth. It is our duty, to cherish these powers, these teachings, and bring these shamanic techniques to life. It is our duty, to heal and awaken so that we can influence the course of life and the preservation of these lands, these waters, these indigenous people who hold the key this the greatest mystery of all - Life.

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