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My vision as a photographer, with the Amazon Calling project, is to be a bridge between the different tribes and the western cultures and help in the process of integration and transformation. Through my work I hope to create awareness and inspire action to protect the rainforest and its people.

I have been given the opportunity to visit very remote places and witness the life in the untouched forest where there is no internet, phone or electricity, where there is no pollution or noise and where people live in harmony among themselves and nature. I would like to share it with you.


My main focus at the moment is the Kaxinawa who are living in the rain forest of Brazil. By opening up to the outside world in the recent years, they have become ready to share their ancient  knowledge of plant medicine and spiritual healing and highlight the importance of protecting the forest and its inhabitants.

As part of the integration together with some of the leaders and shamans of the Huni Kuin, we decided to capture some of the feel and the high frequency of the tribe, and turn it into a book, which will contain photos, stories, traditions intended to shade light on the message and the beauty of the forest and its inhabitants. 

This is a calling, a calling back HOME, where it all began. No more time to waste. We have been called back to nature, the source of the world - the core of ourselves. 

Do you hear it?           


Amir Leron, Photographer

taking photo in the tribe
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