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Even living in an unfavourable correlation of forces with the involving society, being victims of slaughter, captivity, discrimination and preconceptions, still thus they keep alive essential aspects of their traditions, as rituals, myths and dances, mainly the Katxa Nawa (celebration of harvest and fertility), the Txirin (ceremony of the royal Hawk), the Nixi Pae (sacred spiritual brew, also known as ayahuasca, daime and yage), Nixpu Pimá (the party of baptism). The medicine of the forest and its medicinal herbs and plants.

In the Kaxinawá culture, the shamanism propitiates the connexion of the people with yuxin, that is out of the nature and out of the human being, is supernatural and inhuman. Through the knowledge of the pajé, that goes from cure illnesses to the contact with the spiritual side of the reality, is established the connection of the Kaxinawá with the vital force that surround all the living phenomenon in the Earth, Waters and Skies and that mark out with buoys its cosmovision.

The Huni Kuin know all science from the forest, the rivers, the plants, bushes and animals. All knowledge comes through the Nixi pae (Ayhauasca). In the ceremonies led by the shaman, the sacred drink gives the paths to follow, teaches, guides and clarifies. The Nixi pae has the power of the White Jibóia (sacred snake), the enchanted being that revealed the secrets of the the brew, and is invoked in the rituals. The sacred chants, that still chanted nowadays, remote to thousand of years behind, the mythological era of the Nixi Pae origin. They are the main line that guides the spirit in the journey with the enteogenous brew.

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